Love Always

There is a story about a 14 yr old girl,a runaway. This young girl was still innocent & naive.Her mom was getting remarried &the girl was rebelling. She was invited to a party She arrived with her friend found herself dancing. She was sitting at a table surrounded by guys,cholos, gangsters. Music so loud you could hear it from blocks. night turned into morning she was looking for her friend. She was approached by one of these gangsters. He asked her “are you cold?” She was obviously shivering. She lightly nodded her head yes &he offered her his jacket. His best friend Risky said “look at Scrappy always a lover boy” he turned and introduced himself to her “hi my name is angel” she introduced herself back. She had a little Kermit backpack, she was young so stuff like that was cool to her. Angel held it &asked why she had it. he joked it was a baby.his best friend Risky shouted “is that your kid” the girl uncomfortable being around so many boys, being so young, not knowing where she was or where her friend was, just kept quiet. Angel stayed really close to her. He offered her to come back to his friends house w/ him. she didn’t really want to go but she did. She thanked him for taking such good care of her. Her friend was at the house.Angel turned to the girl took her Kermit &Snuggled up.He was too much of a gentleman to ask her to lay w/ him. She slept in his arms that night.she woke up to her friend rushing them out of the house to go to school.
She hung out w/angel again this time w/Risky &her friend. Still a runaway. Angel took her under his wing making sure they ate &she had anything she needed. He would encourage her to go home & to school.she just wanted to be w/him. One day the cops questioned them.angel, risky, the girl &her friend were taken in.Her mom picked her up from the station. She thought that would be the last time she ever saw him again. her being a runaway & him always in the streets.
A couple months later her mom gave up custody of her. She had no one, no home. Nothing. in the back of the courthouse the deputy would have her sit till the group home picked her up. From the corner of her eyes she saw angel in a cell. She shouted his name. He looked up. The deputy told her “you know him? He’s a good kid. Different than the rest. He’s a good guy” She begged for his info.He said “there is something I can do” he disappeared then came back walking angel down the hall. Angel called out her name.the deputy walked slow so angel could talk to her.He begged her to write.she memorized his info. Maybe she was looking for love in the wrong places but Little did she know the same day she lost so much she would gain a love like no other.
She wrote him &he wrote her &this continued w/ every letter ending in “love always”
He served 7 years. They had fallen in love w/ each other. Maybe not a typical love but a distant love. She still lived her life out here but w/ the hopes one day they would be together.
He was her diary & he would tell her some of his hardships. She would beg him to stay out of trouble. He was always determined to find himself w/his best friend.Risky had nothing to lose.Angel would find himself in situations because He would back up Risky.
He did his times &left his best friend Risky.he came out w/intentions to be w/the only love he had known. She spent time w/him.He was still involved in the streets.She loved him. He loved her. But life had taken different paths.
Angel got another charge for 7 yrs.she had so many hopes for him she couldn’t see this one out. Maybe when he was out. She started a family. Angel found his way again to Risky. They were from the same hood, best friends since kids, did most of their time together. Angel had one month before he would go home.
This is where I would like to say the girl started writing him again,he gets out & lives happily ever after. that’s not how this story ends.
March 23,2010. Angel was found suffocated by his cell mate, his brother, his best friend. Some say debts were owed & it came down to Risky & Angel being told one of them had to get disciplined, Angel being the kind of person he was would never be able to do that.this was someone he loved &cared for.if you ask me Risky was jealous that Angel was going home &getting a chance at life. He couldn’t handle the thought of being left alone in a cell again. Angel would finally be able to live his life, be w/his family again& find that girl he would love always. He had a chance,Risky didn’t. Risky didn’t have the family support &encouragement Angel did. Angel had so much to look forward to.
It aches me to think what Angel was thinking in those last moments. He was still kind & loving despite the cold years of bars &empty rooms prison had to offer. He was still hopeful & had so much love to give. All of that was taken from him that morning. Angel will forever be missed &his loved ones will carry on w/ a reminder to Love always even when the world turns cold around you & you feel you have no one there, love always when your days are dark &lonely, love always when you find yourself in an unwanted place but know a better path is always,always. I know this because I’m the young girl he came up to,I was the girl who wrote to him at 14 yrs old into adult hood. I was the only girl, besides his mom &sister he would get a chance to love always. This young boy turned into a man will always be in my heart. He was a gentle soul w/a heart of gold. Rest in peace Angel Ramirez.
Love always,


The journey


Really trying to breathe over here. Many of you follow me because of my sons but there might be a few people who aren’t yet familiar with our story. Gianni (now 5) at 19 months was
Developing beautifully, he had a sitter who spoke Spanish, he knew some sign language and he spoke about 20-30 daily minimum. Picking up new language everyday. He was bright eyed, happy and quickly responsive. He loved to laugh and was a big ol snuggle bunny.
At 19 months old I took my son to his pediatrician, this was at the office I worked as a pediatric nurse. His doctor suggested that I do the dtap, my stomach was turning and I asked for a moment. I spoke with giannis dad and his dad felt he needed the protection. My heart was racing I didn’t know what to do. The dr is saying do this one but he needs several, his dad agrees, the nurse saying I should because I was a nurse and it’s possible we come across whooping cough. Still hesitant amd with my heart pounding I was trying to gain my thoughts. I feel like I’m a good mom and I want to protect my child. I’m not comfortable with the research I did on vaccines by that point, everything was still questionable. Had I met a vaccine injured child or their parent before? Was it common? Couldn’t happen to my kid right? I mean correlation doesn’t equal causation right? I can hear the dr nurse and my kids dad in my ear telling me to “protect” my child yet everything, EVERYTHING in my heart was screaming NO! I just wanted to protect my son, it was feb 2 still seasonal for common whooping cough cases. What to do what to do?! Maybe I was just an overly concerned parent. Maybe I was paranoid. Maybe over reacting. I caved. I went against everything my maternal instinct told me and I agreed to one single vaccination at his 19 month visit. She loaded the syringe and He barely felt it.
Left the office and got home. When I pulled Gianni out of his car seat he was soaking in sweat. Everything else was fine, he looked fine. About 2 hours later he is screaming uncontrollably, holding his head, his face bright red. He has a slight fever 102 so I give him Tylenol(don’t do that FYI) . Fever doesn’t break. I try all the other fever breaking approaches. He is laying fetal position in the bed screaming, sweating and holding his head. He is a BABY!!! 19 months. He wasn’t saying what was going on. I kept asking “hurt you?”‘and he would release a blood curdling scream. I ended up in er because of the fever. I was allowed to go home because “this kind of thing is normal with vaccinations” paperwork instructing me how to reduce a fever. He tossed and turned and cried all night. He looked like he wanted to crawl out of his own skin. Fever peaking to 104 then 105. This went on for a few days. By the 3rd day he started having a little hand thing I noticed. It looked like a little shake of his wrist. I started to observe him and I started asking him if his hands hurt. He wouldn’t look at me or respond. I realized it had been 3 days since I heard my son speak a single word except ouchie and mama as he was screaming the first few hours after his vaccine. Since then it had just been him screaming and holding his head in pain. The wrist thing became more common and more frequent and the motions were getting stronger. It wasn’t a shake it was becoming a hand flap. He didn’t even notice me anymore. Didn’t play with his brother. Barely ate. Barely drank. He would just pace back and forth in his room waving and shaking his hands. He had a weird breathing pattern as he paced from kitchen to his room all day for hours and hours. He didn’t play with toys anymore. He had one stuffed cow he slept with other than that he couldn’t be snuggled anymore. What was happening? I started recording it and uploading it to YouTube. I was begging for anyone who had seen his before. I took him to his pediatrician she observed him “he looks fine dani. I don’t see anything” am I just a paranoid parent? Overreacting? Got home and recorded him for 24 hours took him back to his dr and my favorite pediatrician ever dr Penso said I’m writing this in his file, get him to neurology, we need to check for extra electricity in his brain make sure it’s not seizures. He was scheduled. My little baby was scheduled for 3 eeg and a brain scan MRI and one month post vaccination I stood in his neurologists office and he told me my son had autism. He said it was “vaccine induced severe non verbal regressive autism” my son Gianni was diagnosed at 20 months old with nonverbal autism?!?!! He was talking a couple weeks ago. The neurologist said to me “you know what caused it, so fix it” he winked at me. This man saved my son. I went home and spent hours researching “recovering from vaccines” “vaccine damage” “vaccine injured” I wasn’t alone sadly. I made him a promise that day that I may have not fought for him that day I vacced him but I would fix it. I would heal him! My whole life changed that day. I became a warrior I never knew I was capable of. I started sharing his story in hopes it would help another family. We began the process to reverse the damage caused by vaccinations. As people would ask me if gianni was better I was honest about my findings. It was vaccines that damaged my son. Vaccines caused neurological damage. Vaccines caused my sons autism. I was hated and doubted. …by friends who believed vaccines save lives…. By family who trust the medical industry way too much…. By strangers who asked about my son… I would get the most random responses “oh that one dr that lied and falsified all that info” was the most common. The same info that was brought to the forefront by Wakefield(ya know, THAT guy) is what the cdc whistleblower shared : certain vaccine when given at a certain time show an increase in autism. I was right all along. It’s not about being right it’s that I knew my truth. I knew a vaccine damaged my son. Everyone doubted me, I lost relationships with family members because of it. I lost friends, play dates because of it. Now there is the findings that the cdc removed data that showed that vaccines CAN and DO cause autism. My son was damaged because they couldn’t provide the truth. Vaccines are damaging and killing our babies (and kids and adults) still to this day! Gianni started saying I love you around 14 months. At 19 months he lost all language. It took him till almost 4 to be able to say I love you again. We did a lot of therapies, completely vegan diet, went gluten free for 3 years , used homeopathy and essential oils.i had strangers in my home For 3 different therapies. He didn’t have play dates. He had clinical play therapy. We didn’t do the park he had clinical occupational therapy. We didn’t do Spanish music classes like our friends, we did basic speech therapy where he had to learn how to just say more again (he used to be able to say it in English and Spanish and sign it). Our days were filled with therapies 6 days a week. My personal life was gone, I didn’t even have time to phone chat. Gianni slept 2 hours a night and 2 hours a day. I slept only those 2 Hours! All of this because of a vaccine. Today Gianni at 5 years old doesn’t not hand flap, he doesn’t pace, he talks in sentences and is bright and brilliant.he is happy and engaged. Interested and involved. That vaccine damaged my son, a vaccine that was supposed to offer protection stole my son away for years. I will never get back the years we lost him. The age appropriate milestones we will never see. The mom dates and play groups. The family vacations. It has been intense and some days and nights are harder than others. Sometimes I feel robbed because I don’t have the memories other parents have. Now looking back I can see how far we have come and how our story has helped others. We have been through the unimaginable and we recovered. I made him a promise I would fix him and I did, I am, I will.

Vacced trailer :

Apple Pie Crossaints

These are a healthy and delicious twist on an all time favorite. The apple pie Crossaints are like personal portion sized apple pies unless you are like me and consume enough in one sitting to actually equal the consumption of an entire pie to the face.
My kids go crazy for these in the mornings. They help me mix the filling ingredients and roll them up.
So let me tell ya whatcha need to feed these to your face!
One Apple
Vegan butter
Himalayan pink salt
Ready to make Crossaint dough
Parchment paper
Optional: beefree honee
Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Slice up apples
1 tablespoons vanilla extract
1 tablespoon cinnamon
2 tablespoons vegan butter
Add if tou are using the bee free honee add 1 tablespoon now

Mix to combine all ingredients.

Roll out the Crossaint dough. I like spread the Crossaint triangle dough thinner to make a wider space to add my filling just be careful to not make it to thin.

Add filling. About 1/4 cup of filling to each triangle dough.

Pinch all edges so none of that ooey gooey goodness sneaks out.

Bake for 12 minutes.


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The Lasting Effects of sb277

Homeschool sb277

I never imagined it being like this. When My kids got diagnosed with autism I had a lot of questions, a lot of fears. I didn’t know anyone in my situation so I wasn’t familiar with how much light was at the end of the tunnel. I knew what the “professionals” told me seek therapies and services, they will probably never attend a typical school, they will always have these developmental delays. I imagined having two kids in schools that looked more like white wall mental institutions with strangers teaching them how to basic skills. I had a moment where I imagined all the typical school things my kids wouldn’t do .. Carnivals, after school play dates,school sports teams, Sadie,formals,high school sweet heart, prom. I started to post YouTube videos and seek help. I knew vaccines did this but what now! If vaccines damaged my kids and resulted in an autism diagnosis (Cadan: sever autism a month before he turned 3 and Gianni: severe non verbal regressive autism at 20 months one month after his pediatric visit where he was speaking 20 plus words a day and developing typically.) I used a holistic protocol and I was reversing the damage the vaccine did by treating it medically and naturally. Cadan was able to go into typical kinder and Gianni is able to go into typical kinder this year. Cadan was bullied his whole kinder and we decided to pull him out to homeschool. I’m with my kids 24 hours a day and I wish I had an educational support team because truth is .. It’s fucking hard! It’s hard to be a parent, more so a special needs parent. Then double that times two! Our educational system is no where near where it should be but for many parents it’s their only option. If you don’t vaccinate under this #Sb277 bill it denies a child any right to all those things I had once wished for my child. I’m hurting for future generations. I’m hurting for your children that they might not ever be math lead, win a spelling bee, be prom queen or king. I know because vaccines once stripped me of all those future memories. We create daily memories that will last a life time. That’s better than any ol carnival or dance

Vegan Eggplant Fries

Vegan eggplant fries

Vegan Eggplant Fries

These crunchy crispy crusted eggplant fries are a great alternative to the very favorited potato fry. These are no grease, no fry, no dairy and no egg.

Eggplant sliced
1 cup Bread crumbs (I used gluten free panko crumbs by Ian)
1/4 cup Nutritional yeast
1 cup almond milk

Slice the eggplant long ways in half
Slice that into desired width for your fries

Pour almond milk in bowl

Mix breadcrumbs, nutritional yeast and seasonings into a bowl

Dip eggolant slices into the almond milk
Then dip into the bread crumb mixture
Roll to fully cover the eggplant slices.

Once fully coated place on cookie sheet and bake at 375 degrees for 15 minutes

Enjoy 🙂

Rosemary Hassleback Potatoes


🌱Have you tried yummy hassleback potatoes? 🌱not your average tater. they are spunky spuds
🌱Hassleback potatoes are sliced thin about 1/8 inch but leaving the potato connected by 1/4 inch. 🌱I infused some olive oil with fresh rosemary and drizzled it all over the potato. 🌱I chopped some Fresh rosemary and sprinkled that along with some coarse sea salt on the potato. This gives them the crunchy edge but still soft in the middle (kinda like yours truly lol) bake 30 mins on 425 then apply another drizzle of olive oil and bake an additional 30 minutes.
So frikkin good!
Note: you will need to adjust baking time depending on size of your tater. You can also get creative with toppings: vegan cheese-spicy kimchi-vegan bacon-Enjoy.
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Vegan Caramel Apples

Super yummy and super easy. My little ones really enjoy this dip treat. It’s super easy to make with very little clean up. It’s exactly what I need when I get a craving for something sweet but still want to go for a healthy choice.Caramel apples
Vegan Caramel Apples
2 ingredient vegan caramel apples
caramel sauce: 8 medjool dates. Pitted. (the key gooeyer the better with one cup water. (The amount of water you may need depends on the freshness of the dates) I blended mine in a @blendtec
Slice apples. I find two apples is the just right for the 8 date portion.
Apples and caramel sauce shown here in two @weangreen glass containers. #remedialgypsyfoodblog
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Hand in hand we will get through this.

Hand in hand

Your hand in my hand as I lay next to you examining your face and taking in every tiny detail. What we have gone through the last few years with this vaccine injury has been hell but how is it that after all the fighting with all odds against us we are in a situation where strangers can come in our home and consider removing you from my home. For those that have been following our story, recently a neighbor made false reports about my family and the police and Dcfs came to my home with intent to remove my children. There was no reason for them to, my kids are not abused, they live in a clean chemical free home with an abundance of fresh food. My children 4 and 6 were interviewed and their arms, legs, stomach and back were examined. The reports said my children cry all day, I’m a single mom, TOM only comes over to fight, I don’t have a job, my kids don’t go to school and a list of other random shit. This is so far from false and everyone who knows us as a family, knows this is complete bullshit, I praise peaceful parenting, I have been fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom and blog about our lifestyle, I have been homeschooling Cadan since we removed him from the school district that failed to protect him from bullies at the age of 5,tommy does still live in my home, my kids are vegan and no longer vaccinated. 3 things any government agency does not want to hear: vegan. Homeschool. Unvaccinated. I can’t even begin to explain the daily challenges of raising a child with autism let alone two! I put every penny into vitamins, supplements, diets, homeopathy, I am in school to be a nutritionist to further my education to help my kids and others, especially moms interested in helping their children through diet. Since they came in my home I have lived in fear, I’m afraid to open windows, blinds, doors. I’m afraid to let my kids fight and argue like typical 4 and 6 year old boys do. I am afraid to let my kids be too loud or me speak to loudly in fear this neighbor can make up another false report and Dcfs will be knocking at my door. I am living in fear. I need to move. I recently spent my money on investing in school and I recently got a job to be able to save back up. More next comment

I want to move so bad and yet don’t even know how to begin to move since I don’t have first last and down like every apt in Los Angeles asks for. Do I save up and live here in fear for another few months with the chance there could be more false reports and they come to remove my children? Do I go live in a hotel? I have basically zero family support. How is this life? Why is it such a struggle? Why is this so difficult? I’m just a mom trying to love life and raise little gentleman in a world that doesn’t understand us. I cry so much I don’t even have tears anymore. I love my kids they are my life. This is so unfair.

Cupids arrow valentines snack


kabob stick




cut the stem off half the strawberry and shape them round to make hearts

cut the other half the strawberries with just the tip off like a triangle

strand blueberries

on one end place the heart shape on the other end the triangle piece to Form the arrow



Sugar Free Valentines Card


What you need:
Card stock cut into heart shape
Hole puncher
String, yarn or twine
Wild animal figurines. Can easily find this at a dollar store.
Red pen

Write “I’m WILD about you on each heart shaped card stock.

Hole punch two holes on the lower section of the heart

Pull string through from the back so loose ends are both in the front of the vamentines card.

Place figurine and tie. Adding a simple bow just lke you would to tie your shoes is a nice detail

And there you have it. Happy valentines day!!!